Living Donation

Living organ donation involves a living person donating a kidney or part of a liver or other organ.  The Donate Life Texas Registry is only for registering consent for organ, eye and tissue recovery after death, so it is not part of the process for living donation.

In response to the shortage of organs for transplantation, relatives, loved ones, friends and even individuals with no prior relationship are serving as living donors for the growing number of people on the national organ transplant waiting list.  A living donor can save and/or greatly improve the quality of life of a transplant candidate.

However, any decision about donating an organ should be made only with full information of the possible risks and benefits.  Donate Life Texas does not specialize in living donation, but these links may be a helpful start as you search for more information:

Websites with Living Donor Information
  • United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) – Free publications about Living Donation
  • The Living Bank – focused on public education and living donor advocacy
  • Transplant Living – information about types of living donation, qualifications, the process and financial implications
  • Informate – Living donation information in Spanish. Infórmate acerca de la donación de riñón en vida en Español.
Living Kidney Donor Registries – these organizations help facilitate paired and altruistic kidney donations
Living Liver Donation Programs in Texas